Pedro Tutorials

User Tutorial - Learning About Pedro and Data Entry

Pedro is an application that produces data entry forms for a data model that is specified in a particular style of XML Schema. If you're only going to do data entry with the tool, don't worry about schemas because you should never have to see one. The sections below are designed for people who will only be doing data entry with the tool.

Pedro was originally developed for the proteomics community and we ship their data model for those scientists to use. To Pedro however, the data model could be about proteomics, botany, chemistry, or about your favourite bird calls or comic books! This tutorial however uses a mock data model for patient medical records.

The model that is used for this tutorial is called cancerPatientRecord. No specific files have been created for it. If you want to practice on some of the aspects of the tutorial then start Pedro and use this model. All the screen shots have been taken from various uses of this model so it might be helpful to pick this model.

Why talk about medical records if the application was originally targetting another field? We intentionally used a different tutorial model for the following reasons:

The sections listed in the menu on the left summarise the various aspects of the Pedro application. While you are free to look at the in any order, it is suggested that you familiarise yourself with the Parts of a Pedro Window first as the content of this will be referred to in other sections. Words that appear in bold (eg Edit) refer to elements that appear on the application.